World Relief Seattle T Shirt Fundraiser "It Was Not A Waste"

World Relief Seattle T Shirt Fundraiser "It Was Not A Waste"


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As the situation in Afghanistan tumbles into chaos, many veterans of the war have been left wondering, "Was it worth it? Was it all a waste?", and we at The Panjwai Podcast firmly believe NO. It was not a waste.

To prove how a generation of war has forged a generous culture of veterans, we are launching a fundraiser to benefit World Relief Seattle in their efforts to support incoming Afghan War Refugees, to include former interpreters and high risk individuals.

The shirt, carefully designed by Vertical Speed, and designed for comfort, proudly declares that our service was not a waste, while also supporting the efforts of the Northern Alliance with #RESIST on the sleeve in the colors of the Northern Alliance Flag. It is a 60/40 poly cotton blent in heathered grey (see our Duck Duck Gustaf shirts as an example). (Picture with model is of different color gray, for sleeve logo display only)

100% of all profits are donated to World Relief Seattle. The more we sell, the cheaper the shirts, the more they get. Well disclose costs and profits at the end of each week and make weekly donations.

Pre-Order Period will last 2 weeks, and shirts will ship soon after the pre-order period has ended.

If you would like to donate directly to World Relief, No One Left Behind, or other organizations supporting refugees from Afghanistan, below are some links where you can do so. - Support continuing efforts to get Afghan Interpreters and allies out of Afghanistan. - The organization we are supporting. If you don't want a t shirt but want to support incoming refugees, head on over! - Another incredible organization supporting incoming refugees